The Idea

Preparing barbecues outside, fully enjoying the beautiful weather and spending even more valuable time with your friends and family – outdoor kitchens have certainly become a massive trend. Being “Weber” fans for a long time, it was our concern to develop a high-quality outdoor kitchen which is compatible with the most popular gas grill product series of the world market leader. Thanks to a sophisticated extension system which we had certified together with Weber, “Weber” gas grills can be fully integrated into the kitchen. The modular system makes it possible to individually assemble BBQ Kitchen so that it is suitable for any type of open spaces.

Barbecues on a New Level

Thanks to the modular system, it is not only possible to customise the number and type of individual modules of the BBQ Kitchen outdoor kitchen, but it can also be extended at any time. Due to the flexible combination of kitchen blocks, BBQ Kitchen is suitable for any type of open spaces, from large garden terraces to small balconies in cities. Not only is the grill fully integrated, but there is also sufficient space for important kitchen utensils and ingredients. Together with the easy-to-use extension kit, BBQ Kitchen is compatible with the most common “Weber” gas grill series, that is, “Spirit”, “Genesis” and “Summit”, and also allows for smooth replacements by other “Weber” gas grill models.
BBQ Kitchen is the perfect outdoor kitchen for you tailored to terraces of all types and styles.

Extension kits

The heart of BBQ Kitchen fully integrates the “Weber” gas grill into the outdoor kitchen surface. By using suitable extension kits, BBQ Kitchen can be used for the most sought-after Weber© gas grills, the world market leader.
BBQ Kitchen extension kits are currently available for the following Weber gas grills:

  • Spirit E 315 / E 325S
  • Genesis II E 335 / EX 335 / EPX 335 / SE EPX 335
  • Genesis II E 435 / EX 435 / EPX 435 / SE EPX 435
  • Summit S 660 etc.

In addition, BBQ Kitchen offers extension options to perfectly integrate the smart Weber gadgets, such as Weber Connect or Weber iGrill.